Wild Flower Honey 500 Grams | Hatta Honey
Wild Flower Honey 500 Grams


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Just harvested from the Hatta Mountains in the UAE and available for the first time, our new wildflower honey. This is special, limited edition honey harvested in small batches is light in color with a fruity taste. Containing natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatories making it an effective way to naturally boost the body’s immune system, fight infections that cause colds, soothe sore throats, help with digestion and fight the damage done by the free radicals that cause many diseases.

Along with its medicinal qualities, this honey is an ideal sweetener for tea, delicious when mixed with fruits to make smoothies, and is one of the best honey for simply drizzling onto your choice of breakfast foods.

Wild Flower honey will crystallize and is a natural process. Find Out More Here

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