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Sidr Honey 1 KG


Sidr honey is monofloral honey made solely from the nectar of Sidr trees. Sidr tree is used medicinally from bark to berries, and the antibacterial Sidr honey is expensive due to its wide medical uses in the Middle East. Sidr honey is popular because of its exquisite taste and its health benefits as natural medicine.

Our Sidr honey is locally produced and harvested at our unique Hatta Honey Bee Garden located in Hatta, Dubai.

The Raw Sidr Honey is packed with vital nutrients and essential minerals. This honey is sourced directly from the hive which guarantees 100% pure, natural, free of chemicals, no additives, antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides, and pollutants. We assure you that our honey is uncooked, unpasteurized, and unaltered.

The Sidr honey will become darker over a period of time.

Sidr Honey is Available in 300ML, 500ML, and 1KG. We also offer customized gift boxes.

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