Fresh Honeycomb with 500 gms Sidr Honey | Hatta Honey
Fresh Honeycomb with 500 gms Sidr Honey


This is as Natural and Raw as it gets, Hatta Honeycomb cut straight from the hive and packaged for you to enjoy. From hive to home, we are able to pin every jar back to its original source and all honey is independently tested and certified – ensuring purity and quality with every jar.

This is Sidr new season 2020 harvested (November) honeycomb.

If you’re looking for an ingredient that can make your recipes and life much sweeter, we’ve got you something. This box of honeycomb, which is nothing but natural beeswax, full of nutrients is known to provide a lot of amazing health benefits. You can add small cubes of it on your favourite salads, mix in vanilla ice cream or yoghurt for a tempting flavour, put chunks of it in a bowl of hot oatmeal, and it pairs well with different kinds of cheeses as well. Apart from cooking, if you’re into making homemade skincare products, add some in your lip balms, hand creams, or even moisturizers – possibilities are endless.

We also have Sidr honeycomb in a stainless steel box.

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