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The Hatta Honeybee Garden and Discovery Center blends education and experience in one and is dedicated to the observation and understanding of pollinator behavior and the life-cycle of honeybees. We offer tours and workshops as well as hands-on projects to enhance the relationship that individuals will have with their environment. The goals of our education program are to familiarize individuals with:

  • the important role pollinators play in the human food system;
  • the threats that pollinators face from disease, habitat loss, and contamination;
  • the use of permaculture techniques for creating healthy and abundant landscapes;
  • safe and effective beekeeping practices;
  • the use of hive products for food and health; and
  • aesthetic appreciation of the ecosystems we all share.

To this end the Honeybee Garden and Discovery Center will use hands-on learning to dispel negative attitudes about bees, and to promote pollinator-friendly conservation practices.

The Bee World Discovery Package

Beginning the journey, you will wear bee clothes and be introduced to educational videos about the bees. You will then take a tour of the garden of bees to see the types of trees that produce honey and view types of hives used in past and present. Your introduction to the world of bees.

Price: AED 50
(Incl. VAT)

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